« Limonata Convention »

was founded on frenzy between Donato Villani and Guy Kummer-Nicolussi.
  It was the question of creating a variable geometrical orchestra capable of organising made to measure orchestras
in all modern musical styles (Folk, Jazz, Rock, Songs......).
Thus arose together
“Limonata convention” for the modern 
and “Camerata de Sion” for the classic.
The basic idea is to provide (always in charitable character) one of the two sets.

“Two friendly orchestras”

A good number of very talented musicians. Most of them professionals were like family
for more than 15 years for the concert tours, recitals or concert flashes...
 The idea continues to make its way under the title of “IT’S THE STORY OF A GUY....” (Citation by Coluche)
or for creations by Guy Kummer-Nicolussi, Donato Villani and Emmanuel Villani.